Our Systems

Our systems ensure a safe and seamless approach to debt recovery.

What sets us apart in the debt collection industry is our proprietary debtors management system that, since 1997, has evolved into what has become a competitive advantage. We constantly reinvest in training our people and improving our platforms so that we always stay ahead of the curve and provide added value to our customers. 

Debtors management system

Our proprietary debtors management system is continually enhanced to maintain our competitive edge, and can be adapted to, and integrate with client systems and requirements.

Debit order system

Managed by a leading South African service provider, this system allows our network to use handheld POS devices for safer, cashless transactions.

Integrated collections & control

The system integrates collections and control, allowing secured second and third-party user actions, to ensure optimum collections on recoverable debtors.

Voice recording

DPLS handles telephonic debit order mandates. Our telephone dialer system has voice recording facilities for enhanced productivity and security. The use of fibre optic lines ensures high-quality recordings.

SMS server

DPLS runs internal debtors collections campaigns using an SMS server and/or in conjunction with the client.

Cloud Collect

Enables DPLS to collect from anywhere in South Africa.